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131 S Crawford Ave, June Lake, CA 93529

Just about everyone loves June Lake Brewing. Referred to as JLB by locals, June Lake Brewing has become a hub for a community of both locals and tourists to come together to enjoy Super Awesome Beer! Their hop-forward San Diego style beer is tempered with the purity and simplicity of the Eastern Sierra. After identifying water as the area’s number one natural resource, Justin and Sarah Walsh moved to June Lake with plans to start a family and a brewery in 2011. They opened June Lake Brewing on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2014. With the only other brewery within 120 driving miles being Mammoth Brewing Company, JLB utilized the Walsh’s experience and the Super Awesome Water to start making Super Awesome Beer that people can’t get enough of.

June Lake Brewing
JLB’s mission is simple, yet effective

  1. Make Super Awesome Beer.
  2. Give back to the community.
  3. Get people outside.

June Lake Brewing is accomplishing their mission and then some. To learn a little more about JLB, we asked their “Maker of Beer & Doer of Things,” Justin Walsh a few questions:

ESBT: How did you learn the craft?
Justin: Alcoholism

ESBT: Tell me about the equipment you use to make your beer.
Water = June Lake Super Awesome variety
Brewhouse = Premier Stainless 15 BBL direct fire
Cellar = 4 x Premier Stainless 30 BBL unitanks
Cellar control = Chillertron all the way!
Chiller = Prochill
Pumps = American Standard and Inoxpa
Kegs = Gmacher w/ MicroMatic all stainless spears and hardware
Music = Hahaha, you will not like it

ESBT: How often do you brew?
Justin: With our current cellar capacity and focus on ales we brew about once per week in the summer and once every 10 days or so in the shoulder season

ESBT: Do you have a house yeast strain?
Justin: WLP 001 is our workhorse and we do not have the cellaring capacity to really cultivate our own mutated monster yet given the varieties of beers we make.

ESBT: Do you filter or add minerals to your water? Does the process differ for individual beer styles?
Justin: No way Jose. June Lake water doesn’t need fixing.

ESBT: How many barrels does your brewery produce annually? Do you expect this number to continue to grow?
Justin: 1,500bbl maximum current capacity with ability to expand cellar capacity to 4,500bbl

ESBT: Which beer festivals did your brewery participate in last year? Any new ones for you next year?
Justin: June Lake (Autumn Beerfest) and Bluesza (Bluesapalooza) solomente. You’ve got to come to Mono County to get our beer, end of story.

ESBT: What is your favorite beer?
Justin: Right now Duchess De Bourgogne

ESBT: What is your favorite beer style?
Justin: All of them?

ESBT: Which brewers or breweries influenced you most?
Justin: 3-Floyds, Midnightsun, Evan Weinberg, Nacho, Bagby, Tomme Arthur, Booze Bros, Chuck Silva, Yousef, In reallity I’m interested in and influenced by every single brewer that makes good beer….

ESBT: What is your favorite Eastern Sierra activity when not brewing beer?
Justin: Gravity

ESBT: Do you have any advice for someone visiting the Eastern Sierra for the first time?
Justin: Go outside, it’s why we live here.

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