Black Doubt Brewing Co.

452 Old Mammoth Rd #104, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Since opening in December 2015, Black Doubt Brewing has quickly become popular with both locals and tourists alike. Their tasting room provides an excellent variety of beer styles with up to 13 beers on tap. In addition to excellent IPAs and Pale Ales you will find the Belgian and Sour beers they specialize in. Being a nano-brewery and brewing only 100 gallons at a time, you can expect the freshest beer every time you visit. With 8 years of home brewing experience, Drew and Kerissa Wallace set out to make beer that they like and know others will like too.

Black Doubt Brewing Company
To learn a little more about Black Doubt Brewing, we asked owner and head brewer Drew Wallace a few questions:

ESBT: How did you learn the craft?
Drew: Homebrewing since age 21

ESBT: Tell me about the equipment you use to make your beer.
Drew: 3.5 bbl, stainless steel brew system made in the USA with 4 plastic fermenters

ESBT: How often do you brew?
Drew: 1-2 time each week

ESBT: Do you have a house yeast strain?
Drew: Yes, Yeast Bay Vermont Ale Strain. We carry 2-3 strains at a time, which rotate a lot, because we are trying different stuff.

ESBT: Do you filter or add minerals to your water? Does the process differ for individual beer styles?
Drew: Yes, charcoal filter for chlorine. We take water profiles of source water to take variables out of finish beer.

ESBT: How many barrels does your brewery produce annually? Do you expect this number to continue to grow?
Drew: 150bbl, Yes

ESBT: Which beer festivals did your brewery participate in last year? Any new ones for you next year?
Drew: Bluesapalooza, June Mountain Party on the Mountain, June Lake Autumn Beerfest, Rock’n’Rye

ESBT: What is your favorite beer?
Drew: always changing

ESBT: What is your favorite beer style?
Drew: sour and barrel aged, because intense, strong flavors make it interesting

ESBT: Which brewers or breweries influenced you most?
Drew: Lost Abbey, Rare Barrel, Sante Adairius, Russian River

ESBT: What is your favorite Eastern Sierra activity when not brewing beer?
Drew: bouldering, snowboarding and of course beer tasting

ESBT: Do you have any advice for someone visiting the Eastern Sierra for the first time?
Drew: Drink responsibly. Pretty high altitude

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